Choosing the right pants makes a huge difference, it compliments the lower body by giving a great fit and better look. If you’re spending too much time, like 2-5 hours, at the mall or feeling stressed out while browsing online just to look for perfect pants for you, well you might choose wrong because you are not sure of what to pick. Having a hard time deciding on certain things causes exhaustion and it means that you are overwhelmed with a lot of trending options.

Now, let’s define disappointment.

It comes from prefix “Dis” which is denoting the removal of something and thus expresses negation.

You will never know what it is until you feel sadness, dismay, heavyheartedness, experience failure or misfortune in your life. Stress, anxiety, or worst, depression.

The main causes usually came from an unpleasant event in your life, things, or even came from people that are close to you. But the most painful disappointment is coming from yourself.

Ramadan 2019 is about to start. For Muslim Countries like UAE, It is known as the most respectful time of the year and observed by people in the Middle East Countries which they consider as the ninth month of Islamic Hijri Calendar, and the holy month in which the Quran was revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Ramadan 2019 will start on May 05 and ends till June 4. People in the UAE are expected to be more respectful to Muslim tradition and culture. Even the expats and tourists should contemplate about the rules during these times especially in public.

When it comes to fashion, we women always wanna look good and feel comfy. Deciding our everyday OOTD will always be part of our daily routine. While getting ready to work, especially to busy women, you wanted to save 20 minutes of your time in the morning to do your make up while dressing up for work. Plus, the retro and modern feels of wearing jumpsuits that make you look chic comes out perfectly with your favorite look.
Check out these fashionable Jumpsuits and discover tips on how to style it.