There is no greater substitute for hard work.

AAVVA known as one of the UAE’s homegrown Couture brand in the fashion industry has been expanding for years. Making the most out of the good news, MBC network took a chance to interview Engineer Ahmad Ammar, the co-founder of AAVVA.  MBC is the very first and most trusted broadcasting company in the Arab World that provides multiple channels of accurate information and satisfying entertainment program.


The show focused on the brand’s continuous growth, from the moment it started in the year 2011 up to this very successful moment. In the interview, Ahmad briefly stated that the brand’s never-ending determination to bring out artistic designs rooted from his “Passion for Fashion” which explains how AAVVA managed to stand out in spite of competitors in the industry, and of course this came easily because of the teamwork he had with his business partner and co-founder Architect Vincenzo Visciglia.

They started small, draw the business from scratch holding an exact measurement of passion and the right amount of hard work, they took advantage of their knowledge and skills and brought out designing to the next level. While growing the business,  passion has always been in the vocabulary, filled with architectural insights and artistic ideas their mind is filled with determination, persistent in continuing and developing what they have started.

Thus, the last collection Le Vi En Rose Remix was brought out during the interview, complementing the successful SS18 fashion show which was held in Dubai Design District. Mentioning all other renowned collection; the Mother and Daughter exclusive Couture edition and AAVVA JUNIOR latest designs. Therefore, the main aim of the talk show was to highlight the upcoming FW19 Collection inspired by SHAPE OF PECULIARITY.

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